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Embrace the opportunity to pioneer the future of skill development by becoming a MEGASKILLS Ambassador.

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As an ambassador, you will have access to a wide range of benefits:

Be featured on our stakeholder page, giving your company visibility

Stay updated on the recent trends and developments concerning the project as well as the soft skills ecosystem at European level

In case of events organized by us or other kinds of events, you will have the possibility to participate as a guest speaker or as an attendee

Early bird access to the possible second phase of the soft skills video game testing

Early access to scientific publications produced by the project on various topics among which soft skills, gamification, etc.

In return for your commitment we invite you to become a key player in amplifying our mission.

Engage with us by:

Elevating our presence: Tag us in your social media posts and engage with our content, sparking conversations that matter.

Creating digital synergy: Feature a dedicated section about MEGASKILLS on your website, becoming a beacon for those seeking to join the cause.

Fostering community: Participate and collaborate in the diverse array of events and activities we host, each one designed to further our collective impact.

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