Project kick-off in Bilbao

February 7, 2023

7th February 2023 – Today, the MEGASKILLS project consortium held its kick-off meeting in Bilbao, Spain. The group, composed by six partners and one associated partner, was hosted by TECNALIA (the project coordinator), in their office.

This meeting marked the official start of this very ambitious project, with presentations from the different group leaders (aka work package leaders) and a representative of the European Commission. At the top of the agenda were the links between the main activities and short and medium term goals. MEGASKILLS - MEthodology of Psycho-pedagogical, Big Data and Commercial Video GAmes procedures for the European SKILLS Agenda Implementation, is a Horizon Europe project, operating from 2023 to 2026. Our goal is to contribute to the Pact for Skills in its soft skills chapter (“transversals skills” in the European Skills Agenda). The MEGASKILLS project will bridge the gap between education and the labour market through the research and design of an innovative and affordable methodology for training and evaluating soft skills.

The project aims to:
(1) Standardize 21st century soft skills based on the manifest needs of industry and education.
(2) Create innovative training and evaluation techniques through technologies such as commercial video games, AI and machine learning algorithms.
(3) Implement methodologies and educational designs that will build an affordable strategy for the new educational-labour paradigm at a European level.

Our outcomes will enable:
(1) Industry, SMEs in particular, to have a say in the standardisation process of 21st century soft skills. Contributing with their specific needs regarding this category of skills.
(2) Educational entities, to better understand the demand for soft skills and create innovative training and evaluation techniques accordingly.
(3) Students, to be able to learn new skills in innovative ways and be better prepared when entering the labour market.
(4) Policy makers, to be aware of the industry needs and of the potential changes the project will bring to education.
(5) Citizens, demystify the usefulness of games to learn new skills. If you would like to know more contact our project coordinator, at Tecnalia, Leire Bastida Merino.

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