A tribute to the Game Boy, happy 35th anniversary!

April 21, 2024

The piece of technology that made videogames even more accessible to people of all ages is turning 35 this year!

The history of the Game Boy (now known as Game BoyClassic) goes back to Japan, where it was released on April 21, 1989. We owe the creation of Game Boy to Gunpei Yokoi, Japanese game designer who is also responsible for the creation of several pieces of Nintendo’s hardware and – fun fact – was the teacher of the creator of the famous videogames Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda Shigeru Miyamoto, when he joined his company.

The Game Boy was the first dedicated 8-bit handheld system using interchangeable cartridges to play many different titles. Thanks to its affordability, it’s familiar technology and very good marketing, became the global phenomena it was, and nowadays the nostalgic piece of so many people’s childhood. The Game Boy was Yokoi’s best-selling products, as it sold 118.69 million units.


Fast forward and…we went from the Game Boy in the early 90’s and videogames in general as pure entertainment, and nowadays it has become so much more.

Indeed, here at MEGASKILLS, we are trying to take videogames to the next level and in addition to having fun with them, we are attempting to integrate them in our work life. The plan is in fact to design an innovative methodology to make full use of the potential of video games when it comes to soft sills training; and in turn create an AI platform where everyone can learn new skills as well as evaluate one’s current level.

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