MEGASKILLS Launches its Stakeholder Questionnaire

🎮 The #MEGASKILLS project – MEthodology of Psycho-pedagogical, Big Data, and Commercial Video GAmes procedures - will bridge the gaps between education and the labour market through the research and design of an innovative and affordable methodology for training and evaluating soft skills through gamification.

📝 We prepared a 5-minutes stakeholder questionnaire to understand the viewpoint and needs of the SMEs regarding the crucial aspect of training.

📢 Take the opportunity to positively influence how soft skills will be trained, evaluated, and certified by sharing your opinion below!


🔵 Take the survey in English:

🔵 Nehmen Sie an der Umfrage auf Deutsch teil:

🔵 Rispondi al sondaggio in Italiano:

🔵 Realice la encuesta en Español:

🔵 Répondez au sondage en français:

🔵Responda a pesquisa em português:

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