MEGASKILLS: Brussels meeting conclusions

September 5, 2023
Current Progress and Future Plans!

Dear stakeholders,

The MEGASKILLS consortium meet recently in Brussels to celebrate the work completed and goals achieved and plan the future steps.

We are happy to announce that we have completed the work on the first pillar that sustains the road to our goal of developing a methodology for the evaluation and training of soft skills, using commercial video games, supported by an intelligent soft skills assessment and certification platform. This was phase 1 of the project, consisting on the research work to identify the Key Soft Skills for 21st century Taxonomy and Models. Our readers can expect the publication of the reports later this year.

Now starts phase 2, where the group will develop a psycho-pedagogical methodology for detection and training of soft skills with commercial video games. This phase will allow us to understand which games impact each of the key soft skills identified.

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Register now for our first MEGASKILLS Webinar

Can we develop soft skills while gaming?

Register now for our first webinar, to take place on 11th of September at 10:00 CET, on developing soft skills / transferable skills while gaming.

Join us in this venture and explore how can gaming help upskill and reskill our labour force.

We will hear from notable experts from the MEGASKILLS project and from the gaming industry. Including, Leire Bastida from TECNALIA Research & Innovation, Jaroslava Kubatova from Palacký University in Olomouc, Flavio Escribano from Foundation and Stefan Moritz from European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME. As well as, Nuria Iso Soto from Nautilus, experiencias digitales, Eva Gaspar from Abylight Studios and Konrad Adamczewski, 11BitStudios.

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